Little League

I just love sports pictures, but I was focusing on a special fella in his first year of Little League.  Did I mention his team is going to the Championship Game on Saturday?  Enjoy!2910181925262729303545



I am so excited to show off pictures of this beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and incredibly athletic young lady. Emily and her family have found a spot in my heart, and I just can’t say enough wonderful things about them. The Lord has truly blessed me by putting them in my life. Their family follows me in so many walks of my life, some have been my daughter’s basketball coaches, my friends, my athletes, classroom helpers, supporters, and even my daughters best friend. How could one family be so much in my life. I wish nothing but the best for beautiful Emily, and I can’t wait to hear about all the places she will go. Enjoy!

Darcy and her Family

This family is AMAZING! They are all so happy, and funny, and full of joy! They joined me up at The Property for a fun couple of hours. This is one of my most favorite times up there, and I love photographing families their, it makes my heart sing. Darcy has been wonderful since our first contact.

The Peter’s

This family amazes me every time! They have simply the most beautiful family one could hope for. These blonde blue eyed beauties are captivating. Their oldest Emily is a Senior, getting ready to start her adventure, I just can’t believe it! I just adore all of them! We went to a couple places in Reedley/Sanger, and had a wonderful time. Enjoy!

Rempel Christmas

I’ve been waiting for Christmas cards to go out before I posted these. We went to Hillcrest Farm in Reedley and got the cutest little family pictures. This family is just too adorable for words. I have the pleasure of working with Britni, and have loved getting to know her boys. They will suck in in with their cuteness the moment you meet them. Enjoy!

Baby boy

You may recognize this beautiful couple from a wedding I photographed a couple summers ago (here), I love being able to capture the full story. These two had a new little bundle and he is just adorable. We photographed him in their home in Reno, and he was the best little baby you could hope for. Here are a few little snippets from our home shoot. Enjoy!

Jack and Emily

Jack and Emily were one of the most beautiful couples I have seen. They both exuded the love they have for each other. Their wedding venue was a dream, but the decorations Emily made with friends and family were sensational. The venue was out in the country, and perfect, they are literally a one stop wedding dream come true. The lace and soft pink flowers, along with a man in uniform made this wedding antiqueishly perfect. I wish the best for these two on the epic adventure they have started. Enjoy.

A Riedel Christmas

It is always a blast to photograph the Riedel family. This amazing family is always up for anything. We visited the Christmas Tree Farm (which is absolutely amazing), don’t let the flannels fool you, our winter actually started a couple days ago. I am so blessed to know this family, ENJOY!

Mr. & Mrs. Noel

I am so excited to share this beautiful wedding with you all.  This sweet couple had such a simple and lovely wedding.  It was incredibly intimate, with a small group of friends and family, twinkling lights, and a grove of shade trees.  Congratulations to the two of you.  And another congratulations will be due soon with the arrival of your little blessing.  Enjoy!cover1419233033354147555961636597110127137142144175178188191204213216222226124228239241242254255256262270272291294309312313320323324325327333

Courtnie & Casey

coverSettle in to take a look at this sweet backyard wedding, nestled in the hills of Squaw Valley, CA.  This was an incredible DIY wedding, with everything from cute chalkboards, to sweet centerpieces.  If you are planning a DIY wedding, grab the to-do list and take some notes.  Enjoy!13452q8a262268131725354345475259586772808599100104107115133138143147152175183192218222249280282284285286287288289290292295303313330338356360364376384390395405